LED Light Therapy

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Light Therapy is a non-invasive, pain and heat free treatment used for speeding up wound healing, increasing collagen production and aiding in the destruction of acne bacteria.

Different wavelengths  are absorbed by the body at different depths. Each wavelength (colour) is suited to different skin concerns and can be used at the end of many skin rejuvenation treatments to help healing time and further enhance results.  LED can be used as a standalone procedure for treating skin issues including Acne, Rosacea, Psoriasis and Eczema.

NASA has provided substantial evidence from research that LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy) using certain frequencies of light stimulated collagen production, significantly increased new tissue growth and accelerated healing of wounds. It is a safe procedure used in clinics, salons and hospitals worldwide.​

How does LED light therapy work?

Our skin has the ability to absorb light and use it as a source of energy to stimulate a healing response.

LED therapy uses specific colour wavelengths of light that penetrate the skin at varying depths. The light works to energies cells in the skin to produce collagen, improve elasticity and increase blood circulation and oxygen flow while releasing toxins.

This stimulates the anti-ageing process, helps to normalise cellular imbalance and improves skin tone and clarity.

It is a natural reaction, similar to that of plant photo-synthesis which triggers the body to convert light energy to cell energy

Is LED light therapy painful?

LED light therapy is a painless, non-invasive treatment so you will not experience any pain throughout your treatment. The treatment is a gentle, heat free treatment that is clinically proven to be safe for all skin types, colours and conditions. So the treatment will work for you. We offer different lights for different skin conditions, and we can tailor this to each client.

When will I see results?

The number of treatments you will need can vary with skin type and condition. One session is an ideal ‘pick me up’ for the skin. A course of treatments is recommended for long term results and can be performed weekly.


This treatment can be included for free into any facial treatment for 10-15 minutes. If you would like longer than this under the lamp please mention when booking. Extra time can be added for £1 per minute.

LED Red Light 640nm

Anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Proven to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, smooth skin texture, improve skin elasticity, increase circulation and lymphatic drainage and reduce the appearance of fine lines, and  wrinkles. Aids with pain relief and promotes blood circulation.

LED Blue Light 423nm

Blue light has powerful anti-bacterial properties which can destroy acne bacteria and clear congested skin. It helps to normalise oil production. As well as killing bacteria in the skin and reducing active acne, it can help prevents breakouts, and has a deep cleansing effect, shrinks enlarged pores, helps to fight infection and is a great alternative to medication.

LED Green Light 532nm

Promotes healing, improve mind & body wellbeing, reduces hyper-pigmentation and evens skin tone.  It is also the recommended for treating a client who suffers with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  This treatment is beneficial for anyone suffering with psoriasis, eczema and rosacea.

LED Yellow Light 583nm

Promotes lymphatic drainage to detoxify the skin. Can be useful for treating and preventing herpes simplex (coldsores) as well as rosacea. Relieves shingles in the early stages. Relief from redness and erythema.