Laser Hair Removal 


Laser hair removal is a simple, painless and effective treatment with long term benefits.


We use an approved, medical grade Diode Laser. Please note, this is NOT the same as IPL hair removal.

IPL does not always give clients a permanent reduction in hair growth, unlike medical grade laser. IPL uses an indirect and non-targeted beam of light which cannot reach as deep as a medical grade laser can. IPL can sometimes even encourage more hair growth. Laser light is a coherent, direct light beam which targets the root of the hair and destroys the blood supply, with no damage to any surrounding tissue. The follicle will no longer produce hair once it has been treated. The reason several sessions of laser is required is due to our natural hair growth cycle. We can only treat hairs that are in the anagen phase of growth. Anywhere from 20-80% of our body hairs are in this phase of growth at any one time. This is why several treatments are needed, at recommended intervals, for best results.


A course of 6-10 treatments is recommended initially. Top up treatments are recommended but not always required, after a full course has been carried out. Those with conditions or medications which affect hormones or hair growth patterns, such as PCOS, may be recommended to book in for top up treatments to maintain their results.

Our machine incorporates ICE cooling technology, which safely numbs the area, ensuring you will feel minimum to no pain. The results are undeniable and life changing for many people who suffer from strong hair growth. 

We will need to carry out a consultation and patch test at least 48 hours before your appointment.

  • In between treatments you must only shave the hair.

  • No plucking, waxing, threading or hair removal creams is allowed.

  • You will also need to avoid any sun exposure during a course of treatments. This includes sun beds, holidays and fake tan (around the time of the treatment).

  • If you do have a holiday planned please let us know and we can work around those dates safely.

  • Further aftercare information will be given to you at your consultation.

We can safely treat ALL skin types and skin tones with our laser technology.


Laser is ineffective for treating red, grey or white hair, due to the hair containing no contrast of pigment.


Prices found below - When combining areas which are not already grouped, you will receive a 10-20% discount. Top up treatments are discounted after a full course has been completed.