We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new Enbioment System! 


This much anticipated range of products is the revolutionary new skincare system from Danné Montague-King.


The Enbioment System was inspired by the "Human Genome Project" a 13 year study led by Danné Montague-King, the founder of DMK, on the DNA sequences in the human genome. This advanced DNA research has allowed us to better understand the Human Microbiome, which consists of the organisms living on our skin. 


Healthy bacteria can be beneficial to the skin when used to create the optimum balance, known as the "Symbiotic Biome". The product formulations in the Enbioment System work in harmony with the skin's own microbiome ecosystem. It consists of three steps and complements the existing range of DMK Home Prescriptive products.

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DMK Enbioment Cleanser is a pH neutral cleanser which acts as a prebiotic to remove excess colonies of bad bacteria, without stripping the skin of all its healthy bacteria.  This establishes and maintains a stable microbiome. 


DMK Enbioment Mist conditioning spray is a prebiotic to provide the nutrients required to rebuild good bacteria on healthy skin. 


DMK Enbioment Serum reintroduces healthy bacteria and re-balances the skin's microbiome. This ensures the skin's immune and barrier functions can perform optimally. 



Enbioment Cleanser 180ml - £40

Enbioment Mist 50ml - £50

Enbioment Serum 50ml - £90


Containing all three travel size products - £75


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Who should use Enbioment?

The enbioment system was created for people suffering from various dermatological disorders due to an imbalance in the skins microbiome. Clients suffering from eczema, rosacea, skin fungus, psorasis or atopic dermatitis are prime candidates for using Enbioment.


Will it help individuals with acne?

The answer is YES, but only once the acute acne breakouts are under control. The reason for this is because DMK acne corrective products are highly anti bacterial and will negatively effect any positive action from Enbioment. Therefore, enbioment should only be prescribed to clients who can control their acne using DMK acne products during the day. Then they can use the Enbioment system at night, so there is at least 12 hours in between each system.


Are there products I can't use with Enbioment?

The only products that cannot be used directly with this range include:

Acu Klenz, Acu Klear, Acu Mist, Acu Masque, and any products containing Benzoyle Peroxide. You may use these products seperately from your Enbioment Range however, for example: 

AM routine: Enbioment Range + DMK Creme + SPF

PM routine: Acu Range + DMK Creme


Can people without skin conditions use Enbioment?

YES, anyone who understands the importance of our microbiome in our skin health, can use Enbioment to improve and maintain the health of their skin.


How do I incorporate Enbioment products into my current DMK home prescriptives routine?

The cleanser can be used as a replacement for any other DMK products, or alternated with your normal cleanser. Pat the skin dry. If you are using DMK pore reduction drops or melanotech drops, you would apply these first, allow to soak in, then follow with a small amount of Enbioment Mist. Please note, you are not trying to get the skin wet unlike Herb and Mineral spray. You would then finish with a generous amount of Enbioment Serum, allow to settle for 30 seconds and then apply the rest of your serums, oils, herb and mineral spray, moisturisers and sunscreen.


Are there any precautions or warnings?

Avoid putting enbioment serum on open wounds, as it contains active bacterial spores. Avoid getting it in your eyes, rinse thoroughly if accidental contact is made. As with any product, if you have any negative reactions using these products, stop use immediately. Once the reaction has clearly, you may reintroduce products one at a time to see which product could be causing the reaction.


Can I treat viral skin conditions with Enbioment?

Enbioment is not intended to treat or cure any disease. It is designed to help reestablish health and diversity to the skins microbiome. Many visible skin conditions are caused or aggravated by an imbalanced microbiome, as we reestablish the skins healthy bacteria, a reduction of many of the symptoms many be realised.


How is the Enbioment cleanser different to other DMK cleansers?

First, enbioment cleanser was formulated with a gentle natural preservative system that causes less disruption to the skins microbiome. Second, it contains several prebiotics and post biotics that help feed and maintain the skins micro organisms. This helps our microflora to rebound quicker after each cleanse.


Are probiotics in all the Enbioment products?

NO, active probiotics are only in the enbioment serum. The cleanser and the mist contain prebiotics and postbiotics that enhance the existing microflora while providing a more optimal environments for the probiotic spores in the serum to activate.